The Pros And Cons Of Staying In A Guest House

When traveling for business, work, or leisure, you should look for the best accommodation in the places you visit. Many top hotels have some great deals, but they also have some shortcomings. One of them is the lack of privacy. When leaving the hotel room, you will most likely bump into other strangers who are staying in the hotel. These establishments offer little in terms of privacy except when you're inside your hotel room. Hotels are not usually designed to make guests feel as comfortable as they usually feel at home. That is why many people are nowadays opting for guest houses instead of renting expensive hotel rooms. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of guest houses as well as find the best garden furniture sale

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The Pros

1. Privacy

One of the main reasons why many people love staying at guest houses more than hotels is the privacy they enjoy in guest houses. After all, these lodging facilities are usually located in sparsely populated areas, so you may find yourself staring at the trees, listening to the birds chirping, and relaxing without anyone bothering you. Most guest houses also include private gardens or pool areas which hotels don't often have, this includes your own private garden furniture frequently bought in the local garden furniture sale.

2. Affordability

Guest houses are more affordable than hotel rooms with similar features. If you want to save money on your leisure, business, or work trips, consider staying at a guest house. Since the owners of lodges have different needs, prices may differ from one guest house to the next. That is why it is recommended you shop around to identify the most affordable guest houses for your needs. 

3. Enjoy Homemade Meals

Another key benefit of staying in a guest house is that your host will prepare meals for you. Having home-cooked meals while you're away from home can make the trip worth it. Food in hotels is usually mass-produced and may not taste as great or as fresh as home-cooked meals. 

The Cons

1. Language Barrier

When you're in a foreign country, the language barrier can be a big issue. If you decide to stay in a guest house on someone's property, you will have to communicate with the owner directly to get what you want, whether it's breakfast,  wi-fi password or you want to have an issue resolved in the guest house. This can be a big problem if the owner speaks a different language. Hotels usually hire multilingual staff, so you can easily find someone you can communicate with efficiently. 

2. Curfews

It is not unusual to find yourself arriving at the guesthouse in the wee hours of the night. Since the owner of the guesthouse may not want to be disturbed when enjoying their sleep, they may impose a curfew. If you arrive after the curfew, you may not be able to access the guesthouse. With hotels, the receptionists are always on stand-by 24/7 albeit in shifts. 

3. Dietary Restrictions

While you will be able to enjoy fresh and tasty home-cooked meals at the guest house, the menu is limited. Hotels usually have restaurants that serve a diverse menu, so the dietary restriction is a big con for guest houses.